The Chamber, Superior-Douglas County Area Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
4/15/2016   Spring Open House and Art Show
6/1/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
6/4/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
6/8/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
6/11/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
6/16/2016   Something Superior Improv in the Parks
6/18/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
6/20/2016   UW-Superior Adventure Camps
6/22/2016   Bayside Sounds Concerts
6/25/2016   Glass Classes for Beginners
6/25/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
6/28/2016   Tooth Fairy Storytime
6/29/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
7/1/2016   Movies in the Park
7/2/2016   20th Anniversary Celebration of White Winter Winery
7/2/2016   Love and Hip Hop Concert
7/2/2016   Farmers' Market Relocation
7/3/2016   Mike Middleton and the Middletones
7/3/2016   Pre-Fourth Dance to Rock 'n R & B
7/4/2016   4th of July Celebration in Superior
7/4/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
7/6/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
7/9/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
7/9/2016   Insane Inflatable 5K
7/9/2016   Birds. Insects. +Variations Drawn & Painted: With Stories
7/13/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
7/13/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
7/14/2016   South End Days
7/16/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
7/17/2016   The Daren Streblow Comedy Show
7/17/2016   5k Trail Rivet Run/Walk
7/18/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
7/20/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
7/20/2016   ExporTech
7/20/2016   Fairlawn Ice Cream Social
7/21/2016   Iron River Lions Blueberry Festival
7/22/2016   30th Annual Yellowjacket Alumni Golf Outing
7/23/2016   Superior Downtown Summerfest
7/23/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
7/23/2016   Lake Superior Classic & Custom Boat Show
7/27/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
7/27/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
7/30/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
7/30/2016   Eleanor Roosevelt
8/2/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
8/3/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
8/5/2016   Billings Park Days
8/5/2016   Movies in the Park
8/6/2016   11th Annual Lakefest
8/6/2016   Poplar Fun Days
8/6/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
8/6/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market
8/9/2016   Superior Singers "Disney Spectacular"
8/10/2016   Superior Downtown Farmers' Market
8/11/2016   Wisconsin Space Conference
8/13/2016   Barker's Island Farmers' Market


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